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TuscanHolidays is a travel company specialized in rentals of villas in Tuscany.

Within Tuscany, we specialize in the area surrounding the city of Arezzo (the "province" of Arezzo, an area similar to the American "counties")

Arezzo's area is rich in history andn tradition and the landscape is mostly hilly with large valleys.  Yet, very close to Florence and Siena and to the National Park of the "Foreste Casentinesi".

What we do for you, the visitor..

We visited dozens of villas and we selected those with the quality standard to meet the requirements of international travelers.

We constantly make sure that those standards are manteined and we negotiated the rates.

Finally, we take care of the marketing, the promotion and the customer care.

We arranged all the details to make our guests' arrival as smooth as possible.  Let's face it, these resorts were not built to be an international hotel and there is no concierge or "check-in area" Nor there was personnel to assist you.

Well, we arranged all this for you.  Now, there is a person waiting for you upon your arrival and if there is a problem (a window breaks, the water does not flow properly etc.) you have a person you can call and who will fix all the glitches "on the spot"

Review the villas on our website and inquire about the availability. Tell us amore about your plans and how many persons are traveling. We will be glad to help you chose the property that best suits your needs.

Our privacy policy
Very simple..We will never share in any way with anybody the information you send us. Period.

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